Our Successfull Projects


Assignment Name: Country & location within country Approx. value of the contract: Duration of assignments (months) Name of Client
TABY/Proj/002/09 Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 100T USD 1 (One) European Union (EU)
TABY/Proj/003/08 Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 50T USD 1 (One) GTZ/SLM project
TABY/Proj/002/08 Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 40T USD 0.5 (two weeks) GTZ/SDPASE project
TABY/Proj/001/08 Ethiopia, Bahir Dar 50T USD 1 (One) GTZ/SLM - Amhara
N/A Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 250T USD 250T USD

GTZ-IS Head Office

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