Software Development

Software Development

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High performance software is the base of every business. The process of software development seeks to use relevant and advanced development platforms to deliver capable, secure and reliable software solutions specific to client requirements. Successful software development is characterized by the ability of the software to optimize user productivity, increase business efficiency, reduce overheads, facilitate seamless functioning of business processes, and achieve exemplary business results. Today businesses, having realized the importance of unique software solutions that fit their needs and fulfill their objectives, are forgoing cookie cutter software for custom software development.

Some of TABYs software development catalog includes:

  • Complex work flow management systems development
  • Customer support ticket tracking and management software development
  • Console tools development to reduce employee manual work
  • File processing and parsing software development
  • Report management and automation solutions development
  • Financial and Accounting Software Development
  • Website Design and Implementation
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Inventory and Asset Management Software Development
  • Document Management Software Development
  • Media Content Management Solutions Development
  • Library System
  • Security Management System
  • Custom Software Development

TABY Engineering has also been involved in the localization and customization of free and open-source software to the Ethiopian market. TABY has successfully completed the adaptation of the Mantis job-tracking system into the Amharic language. It has also developed an Amharic input system for Ubuntu Linux Desktop.

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